Transportation Documents
Transportation LEAP Documents include legislatively-approved funding for transportation improvement and preservation projects. This includes highway, ferry, rail, and local road projects. These lists are referenced in Transportation budget bills and are created by the transportation fiscal committees.

 2015 Transportation LEAP Document Proposals

2014 Enacted Transportation LEAP Documents

     LEAP Transportation Document 2014-1 - Highway Projects (Nickel and/or TPA)
     LEAP Transportation Document 2014-2 - All Projects
     LEAP Transportation Document 2014-3 - Early Design/Prelim Engineering/Right‐of‐Way

Previously Enacted Lists:

     Actuarial Method Changes-State: Z9R-2009
     American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: 2009
     Certain Federally Funded Intersection/Corridor Safety Projects: 2006-A
     Early Design, Preliminary Engineering and Right-of-Way Investments: 2013-3, 2012-3
     Employee Health Benefits: 6M-2009
     Health Insurance Increase: GLB-2010
     Highway Projects Only Lists 2013-1, 2012-2C, 2011-1, 2010-1, 2009-1
     Highway/Ferries/Rail Program Projects: 2013-2, 2012-1, 2011-2, 2010-2, 2009-2, 2008-1,
      2007-1, 2006-1, 2005-6, 2003
     Legislative Expenditure Plan for Additive Transportation Revenues: 2012-4
     Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety/Safe Routes to Schools: 2013-A, 2011-A, 2009-A, 2007-A,
     Regional Mobility Grant Program: 2011-B, 2009-B, 2007-B, 2006-D
     Rail Projects Only Lists: 2006-C, 2005-2
     Thirty Maintenance Targets Listed by Statewide Priority: 2013-4

 Other Documents