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House 2021 Supplemental Transportation Budget Proposals

The documents below are associated with legislative budget proposals. Information is updated when documents become available to the public. For a historical list of other final budgets, see the Enacted Budgets page.
Enacted (5/18/2021)
Signed by the Governor with a partial veto on 5/18/2021
Substitute Senate Bill 5165 (Session Law - Final version of the bill)
Governor's Partial Veto Letter (5/18/2021)
As Passed Legislature (04/24/2021)
SSB 5165 As Recommended by the Conference Committee
Conference Committee Proposal (4/23/21)
SSB 5165 Striking Amendment H1625.3 (starts at section 801)
Side-by-Side Summary Comparison
Item Detail
LEAP Documents
LEAP Transportation Document 2021-1
LEAP Transportation Document 2021-2 All Projects
House Passed (4/2/2021)
Engrossed Striking Amendment to Substitute Senate Bill 5165
House Transportation Committee Passed (03/25/2021)
Substitute House Bill 1135
2021 Supplemental House Transportation Committee Chair Proposed (3/22/21)
Narrative Summary (see page 1)
Agency and Program Appropriation Totals
Agency Detail Report
Budget Bill – PSHB 1135 (H-1330.2, see section 801)