Senate 2012 Supplemental Transportation Budget Proposals

These documents represent budget scenarios that are made public by the named fiscal committee. For final budgets reflecting governor vetoes and/or lapses in funding that was dependent on the passage of other legislation that either did not pass or received a partial veto, see the Enacted Budgets page.
As Passed Legislature
  ESHB 2190
  LEAP Document 2012-2C (TPA & Nickel) no change from 4/4/2012.
    (as referenced in 3ESHB 2127 ... see section 712)
  LEAP Document 2012-2C (TPA & Nickel)
    (as referenced in Proposed Striking Amendment to ESHB 2127 ... see section 712)
Conference Committee Transportation Budget 03/8/2012

Senate Transportation Floor Passed 03/06/2012
  ESHB 2190
Senate Transportation Committee Passed 02/22/2012
  SSB 5992
Senate Transportation Chair Proposed 02/21/2012